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Air Force Reserve Jobs

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The Air Force Reserve is a tremendous asset to the US Air Force. It comprises devoted and highly talented airmen with a unique combination of mission-critical skills and strategic depth. Their devotion and passion for excellence make them dependable and essential Air Force partners. If you are reading this, chances are that you are considering joining the Air Force Reserve. The article will highlight key areas, including the Air Force Reserve’s mission and the Air Force’s jobs, to enable you to make informed decisions. 

Mission Of The Air Force Reserve 

The Air Force Reserve aims to create a ready, dependable, and swift response to any Air Force situation. It serves the Air Force’s operational mission, such as humanitarian, combat, and disaster-relief operations. The Air Force Reserve can offer security support and help in other emergencies. The Reserve can also be useful for Air Mobility Command airlift, Air and Space Expeditionary Force, and combat search and rescue operations. Also, the Air Force Reserve augments the active force during a surge or high operational operations. Meanwhile, the Air Force Reserve is a 100% volunteer unit that operates part-time. The typical Air Force Reserve commitment is a monthly weekend and two weeks of active-duty training annually. 

Air Force Reserve Jobs

Many jobs are available in the Air Force Reserve, including medical support, aircraft repair, security forces, logistics, air traffic control, and civil engineering. The list can be endless, and you may select any depending on your knowledge, skills, and interests. If you consider the Air Force Reserve, you should be prepared to bring a wealth of expertise and abilities. The unit also offers options for people seeking a part-time military career. You can enlist in the Air Force Reserve while furthering your education or working in a civilian job. You can also pursue civilian jobs while serving in the Air Force Reserve. From the cockpit to the courthouse, some specialized jobs can provide you with even more distinctive and impactful opportunities to serve.


Like most programs, you must meet certain requirements to join the Air Force Reserve. You may join before age 40, although there are a few exemptions: for the clergy, medical professionals, and attorneys. If you have already served, you must re-enlist before age 40, including the time spent. For example, if you were a military veteran for, let’s say, six years, you may enroll until you turn 46.

It is a requirement to have a high school diploma to join the air force reserve. However, a GED certificate may be recognized in some instances. Aside from a physical examination, you must pass an Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test to select the eligible jobs for consideration.


The Air Force Reserve provides many advantages identical to those on active duty, but with the option of serving part-time, giving you more time to accomplish your civilian profession, an education, or other interests while serving. Hopefully, this article will assist you in determining the best next steps to being the Airman you intend to be.