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How Much Do Reserves Get Paid?

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The US Military Forces Reserve offers attractive incentives if you want to serve the nation. But how much do reserves get paid a month? It can be hard to say how much reserve members earn since many factors could determine the exact figure. You will be entitled to several cash incentives and perks in line with your duty to serve your noble country. 


A reserve member’s normal salary is determined by rank and the hours they serve in a particular month. Monthly remuneration might range from a few hundred dollars for lower-level positions to several thousand dollars for higher-level positions. Still, reserve members are entitled to a risk pay difference, a pay adjustment for members subjected to hazardous duty or poor conditions. Depending on the task or conditions, these changes boost compensation by up to 50%.

What Are Reserves Entitled To?

If you are a member of the Selected Reserve, you are entitled to normal drill pay and some special pay. For compensation reasons, every “Drill Weekend” qualifies as four Drill Periods. You can go through the Drill Pay Charts to discover how much money you make monthly. Are you called up to active duty? You will no longer earn “drill pay” but a similar amount as your active-duty peers. 


Meanwhile, reserve members may be eligible for some perks besides their regular income. For instance, you may benefit from the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), a type of retirement savings plan akin to a 401K. The TSP allows you to save for retirement through tax-deductible contributions and the Defense Department’s matching contribution. 

Finally, reserve members are entitled to reenlistment incentives, which are monetary awards given to reserve members who reenlist for longer years of duty. These incentives are often based on service terms and job specialty.

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