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How To Join The Army Reserve

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If you want to challenge yourself, gain new skills, and make a difference, joining the Army Reserve might be the perfect opportunity. The Army Reserve offers an experience like no other, with many job roles, comprehensive training, and impressive benefits. Are you motivated by a sense of duty to your country, seeking a way to gain valuable work experience, or want a new and exciting challenge? The army reserve can be the answer you seek. So why not consider taking that next step to join the reserve and see where this incredible journey takes you?          


When you join the army reserve, you carry a dual purpose – assisting in your community while aiding the regular army troops. The army reserve is accessible to all novices and professionals who have already served in another branch of military service. Yet you have to meet certain requirements before you can be part of the army reserve.


The age limit for entering the Army Reserve varies based on your chosen course. Generally, individuals must be between 17 and 42 to be eligible for service. Even so, Army Reserve’s age restrictions may vary per branch and employment type. These age limits are in place to guarantee that people are physically and intellectually equipped to perform the tasks and obligations of their chosen employment. It is also possible for the Army to lift restrictions to allow certain roles to be filled. You can also receive a waiver if you retire with twenty years of military experience before turning 55. 

Medical and physical 

Satisfying certain medical and physical requirements to join the army reserve is crucial. You must pass a medical exam to guarantee good mental and physical health to perform your function. The exam includes blood tests, vision and hearing, and physical examination. It would be best to meet a certain fitness level through physical fitness tests such as pushups, running, and sit-ups. Medical and physical tests are vital to your ongoing service since you must satisfy certain standards. 


Enlisted soldiers must have a secondary school diploma or equivalent to join, whereas officers must have a university degree by the date they are enlisted. To enroll, you must also get a certain score on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB). But can you still participate if your ASVAB placement exam score is too low? No, not always. The Army acknowledges that some situations can influence your capacity to perform properly. You may obtain a waiver in some specific cases. 


You must be a U.S. citizen or a legal resident with a valid Residency Permit to serve in the Army Reserve. This criterion is in place to guarantee that all Army Reserve personnel are legally permitted to work in the country and are capable of handling sensitive information and duties. Yet, it is also worth noting that specific exceptions may apply to this criterion. For instance, you may be enlisted if you are a foreigner with particular linguistic or medical talents required by the Army Reserve. The citizenship requirements are significant for ensuring that individuals enlisted in the army reserve are dedicated and devoted to the U.S.


Consider joining the army reserve by calling your nearest Army Recruiter to tap into the numerous opportunities to achieve your personal and professional goals. It is also a terrific way to give back to the local community and country.